PYROCOAT庐 K: Industry-Leading Thermal Stability

OFS is the market leader of optical fibers designed for applications beyond traditional telecommunications uses. These include harsh environments where fibers are exposed to extremes in temperature, aggressive chemicals, and challenging mechanical requirements.

PYROCOAT K coated optical fibers are designed for harsh temperature sensing and communications environments.聽 This thin, hard polymer coating provides mechanically strong fiber with excellent chemical resistance, small cross-section, and industry-leading long-term high-temperature exposure.聽 PYROCOAT K provides excellent thermal stability offering higher operating temperatures than other commercially available polymer coated fibers.聽 Touting continuous lifetime temperatures of 275 掳C for up to 80 years, 300 掳C for up to 13 years, 325 掳C for up to 2.2 years, these new fibers can also withstand short-term (24 hours) excursions as high as 450 掳C.


Commercially Available Polyimide-Coated Fibers PYROCOAT K
聽Lifetime at 275 掳C 4 years 80 years
聽Lifetime at 300 掳C 聽0.8 years 聽13 years
聽Lifetime at 325 掳C 聽70 days 聽2.2 years
聽Lifetime at 350 掳C 聽18 days 聽160 days
聽20-year Continuous Upper Use Temperature 250 掳C 293 掳C
Fiber/Metal Interaction at 300 掳C Fiber sticks to metal Fiber does not stick to metal
Aging in distilled water, 200 掳C, 2000 psi, 7 days Coating material degrades No coating degradation
Aging in sea water, 100 掳C, 2000 psi, 14 days 聽No coating degradation 聽No coating degradation
Aging in mineral oil, 250 掳C, 2000 psi, 10 days 聽No coating degradation 聽No coating degradation
Aging in isopropanol, 250 掳C, 1500 psi, 7 days 聽No coating degradation No coating degradation
NOTE: The lifetimes are based on 25% loss of the initial coating mass criterion. For details, please see A. A. Stolov, D. A. Simoff, J. Li, Thermal Stability of Specialty Optical Fibers, J. Lightwave Technol., 2008, V 26, N 20, P. 3443-3451




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