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The Optical Cable and Connection Solution for Industrial Networks

One. Simple. System.


Easily install LC, ST, SC connections onto high-strength 62.5 渭m GiHCS optical fiber integrated into Industrial Cable constructions.


Install connectors directly onto heavy-duty industrial cable.


No epoxy, no polish. Installs in minutes. On site.


Anyone can be an expert; minimal fiber optic experience required.


Easily integrates into new or existing networks.

  1. Select Your Connector

    LC Industrial grade and compatible with transceivers for IP routing devices.

  2. Select Your Cable

    Indoor and indoor/outdoor. Spool what you need and add connectors.

  3. Select Your Termination Kit

    Simple mechanical DIY Crimp and Cleve technology. No programmed equipment necessary.

Crimp And Cleave

Is it really that simple? YES.

Crimp and Cleave technology helps make the typical 10-minute epoxy/polish process for installing fiber optic connectors a thing of the past. As part of our Industrial Networks GiHCS solution, the LC Crimp and Cleave Connector takes center stage because of its compatibility with most common small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers.

While capitalizing on the advanced optical and mechanical properties of HCS庐 (Hard Clad Silica) and Graded Index HCS GiHCS庐 optical fibers, the LC Crimp and Cleave Connector attaches to the cable through mechanical means rather than traditional epoxy/polish methods. Designed with the field installer in mind, technicians with even minimal fiber optic experience can now use the Crimp and Cleave technology to help rapidly and efficiently install new or repair damaged fiber optic cables.

How to Order

Connect now!
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