AcoustiSens鈩 Single-Mode Acoustic Sensor Fiber Improved OSNR for Great ASNR

AcoustiSens Single-Mode Optical Fiber, part of the LineaSens family, is an enabling component engineered to enhance and improve Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) cables. With an optical waveguide based on the ITU-T G.652.D telecom-grade single-mode standard, AcoustiSens fibers are engineered to significantly improve Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR) by increasing Rayleigh backscatter while maintaining low attenuation. This groundbreaking technology, when coupled via sensing cables to commercially available DAS systems, enables dramatic improvements in Acoustic Signal to Noise Ratio (ASNR). Furthermore, AcoustiSens fibers are splice compatible with G.652.D optical fibers, assuring smooth integration with commonly deployed sensing solutions.

Product Description

Next generation Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solutions rely on greatly improved ASNR. AcoustiSens optical fiber technology is engineered to boost sensing signals (Rayleigh backscatter) while minimizing the noise (attenuation) associated with standard and specially doped single-mode alternatives. The result is OSNR orders of magnitude better than other solutions. Engineered to give OSNR improvements without sacrificing fiber splice or connector attenuation, OFS AcoustiSens is a drop-in fiber replacement that provides improved sensing performance without the need for changes in interrogation equipment or complex optical amplification schemes. This translates into significantly improved acoustic sensing performance in DAS systems.

End-Use Examples

OFS AcoustiSens optical fibers are intended for use as components in optical and hybrid cables designed for vibration or acoustic sensing applications such as:

  • Pipeline monitoring (midstream)
  • In-well monitoring (upstream – low temperature wells)
  • Rail monitoring
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Subsea monitoring
  • Highway monitoring
  • Smart City applications

聽AcoustiSens Optical Sensor Fiber
Sensing Window 1530-1565 nm
Enhancement 10-15 dB (over naturally occurring Rayleigh backscatter in G.652.D fiber)
聽Base Fiber Type G.652.D
Fiber Attenuation

@ 1310 nm

@1550 nm

< 0.7 dB/km

< 0.7 dB/km

Glass Outer Diameter 125 碌m
Coating Outer Diameter 200 碌m
Operating Temperature -40 to +85 掳C
Min. Bend Radius

Long Term

Short Term

17 mm

10 mm

Proof Test 鈮 100 kpsi


OFS is a proud, charter member of the Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA).

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